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Schim Schimmel Art Collection

"My greatest joy is found in the act of painting and sharing my paintings with others… In the end, it's a shared experience between artist and viewer."

Snow leopards, white tigers, elephants and lions; the earth, the moon, galaxies and nebulas; these are the subjects that leap off a Schimmel canvas and into the hearts of those who see his work. For over twenty years now, Schim Schimmel has been painting in a style uniquely his own, exp... Full Biography.

Attention Caught Photo Attention Caught, Schim Schimmel
Source of their Being Photo Source of their Being, Schim Schimmel
Golden Mantle Photo Golden Mantle, Schim Schimmel
Our Home Too IV Photo Our Home Too IV, Schim Schimmel
In Focus Photo In Focus, Schim Schimmel
Got My Eye On You Photo Got My Eye On You, Schim Schimmel
All the Worlds Children Photo All the Worlds Children, Schim Schimmel
The Final Few Photo The Final Few, Schim Schimmel
Spirit of Africa Photo Spirit of Africa, Schim Schimmel
The Legacy Photo The Legacy, Schim Schimmel
Testing the Water II Photo Testing the Water II, Schim Schimmel
Our Home Too III Photo Our Home Too III, Schim Schimmel
Heavenly Dreams Photo Heavenly Dreams, Schim Schimmel
Guardians of the Future Photo Guardians of the Future, Schim Schimmel
Arctic Window Photo Arctic Window, Schim Schimmel
Our Home Too II Photo Our Home Too II, Schim Schimmel
A Golden Future Photo A Golden Future, Schim Schimmel
Saginaw's Song Photo Saginaw's Song, Schim Schimmel
One Earth One Ocean Photo One Earth One Ocean, Schim Schimmel
Between Heaven and Earth Photo Between Heaven and Earth, Schim Schimmel
Jewel Of The Universe Photo Jewel Of The Universe, Schim Schimmel
Dawn of Life Photo Dawn of Life, Schim Schimmel
A Mother's Touch Photo A Mother's Touch, Schim Schimmel
The Last Stand Photo The Last Stand, Schim Schimmel
World and Whales Photo World and Whales, Schim Schimmel
Dreams of Ocean Photo Dreams of Ocean, Schim Schimmel
Beneath the Grand Photo Beneath the Grand, Schim Schimmel
Sands of Time Photo Sands of Time, Schim Schimmel
Together Time Photo Together Time, Schim Schimmel
Lavender Eyes Photo Lavender Eyes, Schim Schimmel
Artworks on Sale
Running Deer Photo Running Deer, Bob Travers
Interior With View Photo Interior With View, Alexander Astahov
Starry Night over the Rhone Photo Starry Night over the Rhone, Vincent van Gogh
Engine 55 Photo Engine 55, Manuel Hernandez
Tallit Photo Tallit, Sami Zilkha
Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam Photo Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam, Tom McKimson
Hopah Photo Hopah, Sami Zilkha
Conception Photo Conception, Schim Schimmel
Cosmic Jumper Photo Cosmic Jumper, Peter Max
Coral Bay Photo Coral Bay, Julia Kelly
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New Arrivals
Untitled Photo Untitled, Kelley Jarvis
Under the Umbrellas Photo Under the Umbrellas, Maria Zielinska
Bear Family Photo Bear Family, Graeme Stevenson
Strike A Pose Photo Strike A Pose, Sebastian Alterera
Exciting NYC Photo Exciting NYC, Lisa Grubb
Awaiting the Kiss Photo Awaiting the Kiss, Noah
Patron Silver Photo Patron Silver, Lona
Late Romance Photo Late Romance, Nelly Panto
Perfect Pair Photo Perfect Pair, Lona
Farbstudie Quadrate Photo Farbstudie Quadrate, Wassily Kandinsky
Featured Media
Plush Toy
Mug (Earthenware)
Figurine (Stone Resin)
Giclee on Canvas
Jewelry and Accessories
Watercolor Monotype
Figurine (Porcelain)
Lithograph on Paper
Marbleized Acrylic on Paper
Aquatint Etching
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