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Schim Schimmel Art Collection

"My greatest joy is found in the act of painting and sharing my paintings with others… In the end, it's a shared experience between artist and viewer."

Snow leopards, white tigers, elephants and lions; the earth, the moon, galaxies and nebulas; these are the subjects that leap off a Schimmel canvas and into the hearts of those who see his work. For over twenty years now, Schim Schimmel has been painting in a style uniquely his own, exp... Full Biography.

A Touch of Hope Photo A Touch of Hope, Schim Schimmel
Earth Dance Photo Earth Dance, Schim Schimmel
Three Mothers Photo Three Mothers, Schim Schimmel
Between Heaven and Earth Photo Between Heaven and Earth, Schim Schimmel
Into The Glow Photo Into The Glow, Schim Schimmel
The Humpback's World Photo The Humpback's World, Schim Schimmel
Dance of the Humpbacks Photo Dance of the Humpbacks, Schim Schimmel
Passage to Home Photo Passage to Home, Schim Schimmel
Sands of Time Photo Sands of Time, Schim Schimmel
Serengeti Night Photo Serengeti Night, Schim Schimmel
Alaska Welcoming Committee Photo Alaska Welcoming Committee, Schim Schimmel
The Final Few Photo The Final Few, Schim Schimmel
Arctic Window Photo Arctic Window, Schim Schimmel
Envious Tiger Photo Envious Tiger, Schim Schimmel
Beneath the Grand Photo Beneath the Grand, Schim Schimmel
Ocean Home Photo Ocean Home, Schim Schimmel
Two Mother's Children Photo Two Mother's Children, Schim Schimmel
Our Home Too I Photo Our Home Too I, Schim Schimmel
A Mother's Touch Photo A Mother's Touch, Schim Schimmel
Safe at Home Photo Safe at Home, Schim Schimmel
One Earth One Ocean Photo One Earth One Ocean, Schim Schimmel
Candle on the Window Photo Candle on the Window, Schim Schimmel
Testing the Water II Photo Testing the Water II, Schim Schimmel
Together Time Photo Together Time, Schim Schimmel
Guardians of the Night Photo Guardians of the Night, Schim Schimmel
The Last Stand Photo The Last Stand, Schim Schimmel
World and Whales Photo World and Whales, Schim Schimmel
Line of Sight Photo Line of Sight, Schim Schimmel
Together Photo Together, Schim Schimmel
It's their Planet Too Photo It's their Planet Too, Schim Schimmel
Artworks on Sale
Hat to Hat Photo Hat to Hat, Lena Sotskova
Mini Triptych - Untitled Photo Mini Triptych - Untitled, Carl Rieger
Untitled Photo Untitled, Fillol
Red Sail Photo Red Sail, Lucelle Raad
Untitled Photo Untitled, Patricia Govezensky
Femme Chez Maxim Photo Femme Chez Maxim, Philippe Noyer
Summer's End Photo Summer's End, Lucelle Raad
Island Mountain and Lakes Photo Island Mountain and Lakes, Maurice Meyer
Horse Whisperer Photo Horse Whisperer, Gary Benfield
Peace Love Mickey Photo Frame Photo Peace Love Mickey Photo Frame, Romero Britto
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New Arrivals
Cinderella with Jaq and Gus Photo Cinderella with Jaq and Gus, Walt Disney
Hell Canto 28 - Falsifiers Photo Hell Canto 28 - Falsifiers, Salvador Dali
Purgatory 32 - Earthly Paradise Photo Purgatory 32 - Earthly Paradise, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 32 - Traitors Against Their Country Photo Hell Canto 32 - Traitors Against Their Country, Salvador Dali
Triple Martini Photo Triple Martini, Lisa Grubb
Purgatory 30 - Announcement of The Grand Event Photo Purgatory 30 - Announcement of The Grand Event, Salvador Dali
Dream Inspirational Figurine - Cinderella Photo Dream Inspirational Figurine - Cinderella, Walt Disney
Sabor Y Musica Photo Sabor Y Musica, Monstrinho
Purgatory 6 - Deaths by Violence Photo Purgatory 6 - Deaths by Violence, Salvador Dali
Bear Photo Bear, Jozza
Featured Media
Original Mixed Media
Original Drawing
Marbleized Acrylic on Paper
Hand-Signed Photograph
Mug (Earthenware)
Offset Lithograph
Giclee on Canvas
Original Acrylic Painting
Lithograph on Board
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